Family of Faith Christian University has traditional courses, Advance courses, and online courses.  (Most distance education classes will be in the form of online courses.)

If you are a present student and looking for what books are required for your courses for the present semester, you will need to log in to your Populi account.

Traditional Courses:
Click here for the full list of required textbooks for traditional courses.

Advance Courses:
Click here for the full list of required textbooks for advance courses.

Online Courses:
Click here for the full list of required textbooks for online.

Order Books Online

Family of Faith Christian University will publish a list of required textbooks for each term.  A list of recommended online bookstores is provided below for the student’s use as well as  HELPFUL HINTS when ordering books.

Here are some other websites to get student books from:

http://www.ecampus.com This company allows the selling back of books when
the student is done with them and the renting books rather than buying
one outright, as well as e-book sales.


http://www.directtextbooks.com This site searches over 200 websites to find the cheapest textbooks.





or you can go straight to the publisher’s website and order from them.

HELPFUL HINTS when ordering books:

  1. Use the ISBN number to search for the book needed rather than the title to make sure the correct edition is ordered.
  2. Make sure the book ordered is “in stock.” If the bookstore does not say it is “in stock” they may be getting it from another dealer and that takes more time.
  3. Enter your personal address and double check it to make sure it was entered correctly.
  4. Select your shipping method.  UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS (United States Postal Service).  Many times it will tell you an estimated number of days it will take to receive your order by each shipping method – choose the one that best fits your time schedule.

If you have any questions feel free to contact FFCU at 1-405-695-5533