Student Services

Facilities and Services


Family of Faith Christian University does not maintain an on campus bookstore, but the University does maintain an updated list of required textbooks as well as a list of online bookstores that students may use to purchase, rent and re-sell textbooks.


Computers are available in the library for word processing, research, and internet access during regular library hours.  The technology fee paid by each student covers the use of the computers and internet access.


University students have access to the copy machine in the library and in the university lounge. Costs for these services are covered by the Library Fee.  Students must use their own discretion so as not to commit copyright law infractions.


Family of Faith Christian University seeks to assist its students as they transition into university life and as they move toward graduation. Each student is assigned an academic adviser who prepares a degree plan that is reviewed each semester. This adviser maintains regular contact with students in order to identify needs and concerns. Students may contact their adviser with questions, problems, or complaints. Counseling can be arranged if needed. The FFCU staff and faculty believe that relationships are vital throughout the university experience and pledge to make themselves available to students in need.


Dormitory space is available to Family of Faith Christian University students. Students desiring to live in a dormitory should contact the University office or indicate this desire on the application forms.  All students of Family of Faith Christian University are required to live in the university dorms unless the University administration approves a written request for a waiver.  Specific waivers for exception to this policy must be submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs by the student.  Waiver requests will be evaluated by a Housing Committee, which will be composed of faculty, student (non-voting member), and administration representatives.  Unless otherwise indicated, waiver requests for off-campus accommodations will be approved for the following categories of students: (1) all students whose parents live in the Shawnee / Seminole / Meeker area and who desire to live at home; and (2) juniors, seniors, and second-year certificate students.  Students who demonstrate a need for closer supervision (academic, financial, or disciplinary) may be required to live in the dorms, regardless of status.  This will be determined by committee members.

A freshman may be approved to live with a local family.  Availability of housing space will be considered.  Consideration may be given to age and experience of the student.  Priority will be given to current student residents who desire to remain.  Remaining available spaces will be allocated as follows: (1st) incoming freshmen, (2nd) students who demonstrate need for additional supervision, and (3rd) all other categories of students.


Each student enrolled in Family of Faith Christian University will receive a university e-mail account through the University website.


Family of Faith Christian University is located on 127 acres of highway front property seven miles north of Shawnee in central Oklahoma.  Shared facilities include a 28,000 square foot multi-purpose building containing a 750-seat sanctuary, a gymnasium with adjoining kitchen facilities, 23 classrooms and offices, and a library.  In addition, there is also another 10,000 square foot gymnasium, a 1,100 square foot classroom building, and facilities for faculty offices, the student lounge, and student housing.


Students who are seeking financial aid, are directed to register with the online Virtual Financial Aid Office. There, you will be directed in completing all necessary steps to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Your first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( Some students use their employer’s Tuition Reimbursement program. Please call or stop by the Financial Aid office if you have any questions. For a more detailed breakdown of financial information, please follow this link.


Family of Faith Christian University has 96 graduates who are located in 8 nations and 13 states of the US. An internal review showed that 30% of these have completed graduate degrees with another 5% currently enrolled in graduate programs. Also, 73% of our graduates are in leadership positions in their local church either as paid full-time workers, paid part-time workers, or volunteer workers. Furthermore, 59% are working in occupations directly related to their major fields of study.


Family of Faith Christian University seeks to assist its international students as they transition into university life in this country.  The University provides a special orientation time and a Director of International Studies for international students.


The FFCU Library houses a collection of books and provides many resources to assist students in their coursework. The library is open weekdays from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and when needed, a student may check out a key from the librarian for evening use.

     The Library Catalog is available online at

The library also hosts a growing website that includes academic links and research support. Students are able to access a large number of full-text articles from academic journals, newspapers, and other sources through EBSCO-Host. Also, students are able to search and use resources from other university libraries in Oklahoma through the OKShare program. Library policies are detailed in the Library Handbook issued to each student and available on this website. Please contact the librarian for the user ID’s, passwords, and OKShare cards that you need. All the links that you need for the library can be found on the Library page of this FFCU website.


The role of “placement” at this institution involves the mission of the university, understanding of the five-fold ministry, and the roles of the pastor and the apostolic team. The five-fold ministry is a term taken from Ephesians 4:11: God “gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.” As the members of the apostolic team travel and advise in their sphere of ministries throughout the world, they become increasingly aware of the professional needs around them and of the people called to fill those needs. Each graduate of Family of Faith Christian University works with his home pastor and the apostolic team members to become part of a five-fold ministry team. In this context, placement is not job advertising. Rather, it is literally placing a person in a God-ordained ministry or position. The apostolic leaders understand the needs of the nations and the ministers they support, so they can also direct and advise the ministers and release a graduate into a position with certainty and continue a relationship of support and counsel for the graduate in the future.

In addition to the United States, FFCU alumni serve in the nations of Japan, Lebanon, Germany, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, South Africa, and la Reunion. Also, 30% of FFCU graduates have successfully completed master degrees through The King’s College & Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Oral Roberts University, Southwestern Christian University, Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma Christian University, Walden University, the University of Alaska Southeast, Evangel University, the US Sports Academy, and Regent University.


Family of Faith Christian University is committed to the training of laborers for the Kingdom of God. We recognize the obligation to meet the needs of those students who come to us with physical and mental handicaps. If you have special needs, we ask that you speak with the Vice President of Student Affairs in order to make sure every necessary accommodation is provided.


We are presently using the Populi online course management system. Populi is where students can go to find information regarding schedules, grades, course requirements, past grades, and more.  Once you are accepted as a student at FFCU, you will be given your log-in information.


Orientation day is a day for fellowship and information updates for all new and returning students. The Student Council plans social events each semester, including nights out in Shawnee and Oklahoma City, day trips, volleyball games, and movie nights. Events are announced at Morning Prayer and through social media. Events can be held in the Student Lounge which allows for group meals, study groups, game nights, etc. ICLC National Summit Conferences are scheduled twice a year, usually in November and March. Students and faculty members are blessed and strengthened through the impartations during the conference and the fellowship times between sessions.


A permanent file of each student record is maintained in the Registrar’s Office. The original student record, together with all enclosed documents, is considered the property of Family of Faith Christian University. Student files contain correspondence and communications between the student, the university, and the public. Information within the file is maintained according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended. Family of Faith Christian University designates the following categories of student information as public or “directory information.” Such information may be disclosed by the institution for any purpose, at its discretion.

Category I: Name, address, phone number, attendance dates, student classification, e-mail address.

Category II: Previous institution(s) attended, major field of study, awards, honors, graduating information.

Category III: Past and present participation in officially recognized activities, date and place of birth.

Category IV: Grade reports and interim class evaluations by code number or ID number.

In addition to the directory information listed above, educational record information includes disciplinary and financial records.

Currently, enrolled students who are not classified as dependents of a parent (as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1954) may decide to withhold disclosure of any category of information under FERPA. If the student is classified as a dependent, the parent(s) claiming the student as a dependent can have educational record information released without authorization of the student. Upon matriculation, students will sign an authorization for releasing any or all categories of educational record of directory information to specific people or groups. Due to the unique relationships Family of Faith Christian University has with constituent ministries, students are advised to authorize disclosure of educational records and directory information to parents and church leaders. To change disclosure authorization while continuing as a student, written notification must be received in the Registrar’s Office prior to the second week of each semester. The complete policy on disclosure of educational record information is found in the FFCU Policies and Procedures Manual.


Upon completion of the request form, a student may receive a transcript of his/her permanent record. Transcripts are $5 each. Transcripts will not be released for anyone who is not making satisfactory progress in paying his/her outstanding account balance. The request form is below.