Student Services

Facilities On Campus

GATS is the seminary arm of Family of Faith Christian University (FFCU), and courses through GATS are completed online. FFCU is located seven miles north of Shawnee in central Oklahoma. While GATS students are all “distance education” students, the administrative staff members welcome students to visit campus when they are in the area.

Mission Trips

Mission trips are amazing opportunities for training, impartation, and experience. Students are encouraged to go to the Global Awakening website to learn more about the many mission opportunities hosted each year. Students planning to do this are asked to communicate this to faculty members in order to make any needed alterations to assignment due dates. The general rule is that any assignment already indicated in a course syllabus must be completed before the student leaves, while missed examinations will be made up within 1 week of the student’s return.

Orientation & Academic Success

To ensure success as a student in GATS, students complete an Orientation “course” (ORIENT) the week prior to beginning classes. This free “course” includes an introduction to the courseware, to personnel, and to library and research services. Students are requested to complete Academic Success (GENL 1003), a required course, in their first term in order to receive direction on research, writing, and goal setting that will help students transition into a successful pattern of study.

Students with Disabilities

FFCU and GATS are committed to training laborers for the Kingdom of God. We recognize the obligation to meet the needs of all students. If there are special needs, please speak with the Vice-President of Student Affairs in order to ensure these needs are met.


Upon written request and payment of the Transcript Fee, a student may receive an official transcript. The release of transcripts is contingent upon the settlement of financial obligations. Please find the Transcript Request form in Populi.

Academic Advising & Counseling

The faculty and staff of Global Awakening Theological Seminary seek to assist students as they transition into academic life and as they move toward graduation. The seminary staff and faculty believe that relationships are vital throughout the academic experience and are available to students. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who maintains regular contact with students and is available to discuss needs and concerns. Counseling can be arranged for assistance.

Course Management System – Populi

Populi is the online site for students to find information regarding enrollment, assignments, grades, course requirements, past grades, and more. Once accepted, information will be given on how to log into the system.

E-mail Accounts

Each GATS student receives an e-mail account which is linked to the student’s Populi account.

Prayer Time

Dr. Matthews leads a daily intercessory prayer time on Zoom every morning at 7:30 AM (CST). Every morning includes a “positioning scripture” that is the focus of additional prayer declarations and intercessions. We sometimes pray for specific people in need, sometimes for specific situations in the world, and always for the Kingdom of Heaven to become manifest on earth through the declaration and release of faith in the Word of God.

Write Way – GATS Writing Lab

When a student identifies a personal need for additional assistance in writing, he/she may find help in the Write Way GATS Writing Lab. Write Way provides individual help for GATS students in the areas of formatting, paper organization, readability, grammar, citations, etc. Write Way staff can review a paper before it is submitted (with careful timing), or individual tutoring can be offered after a paper is submitted to identify areas for improvement in future writing assignments. Tutorial sessions can occur during a semester or between semesters. There are a limited number of appointments available each week, and a student must submit the paper to be reviewed at least 3 days before the appointment. A student’s first session is free, and tutorials are only $25 each after that. Additional information and instructions for participating in Write Way are available in Populi and from faculty members.