Registration Information

Registration Procedures
Once accepted, a student will receive information on how to complete orientation, registration financial aid, and tuition payments.
• Students register for courses through Populi when registration is open. Click on the REGISTRATION tab to select the courses for
each term that is open.
• Online registration closes two weeks before each term. After this date, a student who desires to register must contact the GATS
office and will be charged the Late Registration Fee.

Add/Drop Procedures
Up to two weeks before each term, students may adjust their own schedules on the REGISTRATION tab in their Populi accounts. After online registration closes and billing is performed (two weeks before each term begins), any schedule changes should be handled in writing through the GATS office. There are fees for Add/Drop as well as a stated Refund Policy that is found in the Financial Information section of this Catalog.

Degree Maps and Course Schedules
Each student should download the Course Rotation and the correct Degree Map from Populi – Files. These documents can be used to create a degree completion plan which will guide one’s registration each term.
• All new students should complete Orientation the week beforeclasses begin. They should also complete Academic Success (GENL 1003) in their first or second term in GATS.
• It is strongly suggested that students complete Hermeneutics (BTHE 5023) and Physical Healing 1 (HEAL 5003) within their first 6 terms of study.

Full-time & Part-time Status
At GATS, the AUG and OCT terms make up the Fall semester, while the JAN and MAR terms make up the Spring semester. The JUN term makes up the Summer semester. Full-time graduate students take 9 credit hours each semester. Part-time students enroll in less than 9 credits in a semester. A degree may be earned on a part-time basis, however all requirements must be completed within seven years for an M.A. and within ten years for an M.Div. from the date of first enrollment.

Audit of Courses
Global Awakening Theological Seminary is not able to offer students the option to audit courses at this time.

Catalog Requirements
Students must follow the program plans as listed in the catalogpublished for their year of entry. If program requirements are changed, continuously enrolled students may choose to either continue with the original program requirements or change to complete all of the revised program requirements. Any student not maintaining continuous enrollment must meet the requirements of the catalog of the most recent year of entry. Course substitutions are only allowed in extreme circumstances and must be approved by the Vice-President of Graduate Academic Affairs.

Course Prefixes and Numbers
The course number prefix represents the curricular area of the course:

BTHE = Bible/Theology
HEAL = Healing
LANG = Language
PMIN = Practical Min
PRAC = Practicum
REVL = Revival Hist.

Seminary course numbers are four-digits long (i.e. BTHE 5023). The first number indicates that this is a graduate level course. The second and third numbers are used to distinguish courses in each curricular area. The final number shows how many credit hours are earned by completing the course.

Course Cancellation
Any course without sufficient enrollment may be canceled by administration without prior notice. Students registered for these courses will not pay the add/drop fee.

If any student is forced to withdraw, regardless of the circumstances, it must be done in an official manner. If a student withdraws in good standing, i.e. passing the class at the time of withdrawal, and all current fees are paid, the student’s permanent record shall indicate that the withdrawal is reversible, and the student may return in subsequent semesters without completing admission procedures as a new student. A notation of “WP” (Withdraw Passing) will be placed in the student’s transcript indicating a withdrawal in good standing. If any student withdraws without good standing, admission procedures as a new student must be completed and all outstanding fees must be paid before re-entry will be considered. Students withdrawing without good standing shall have a record in the Registrar’s Office that indicates a dishonorable withdrawal and a grade of “WF” (Withdraw Failing) shall be recorded for all courses during the semester of withdrawal.

Prospective D.Min Students
Global Awakening Theological Seminary often gets enquiries about working towards a Doctorate of Ministry degree as part of the Randy Clark Scholars cohort at United Theological Seminary (UTS). For those who have a master’s degree that is not in divinity, an M.Div. equivalent degree is required in order to pursue the D.Min. United defines this as 72 graduate semester hours that include theology, biblical studies, and the arts of ministry. United does have a pre-doctoral program designed for achieving these hours, and students are able to supplement some of the required United classes with classes from Global Awakening Theological Seminary. Approval by United for this alternatives is on a case by case basis. For more information on this option and to get detailed step-by-step instructions on applying for a spot in the Randy Clark Scholars cohort, please email or call 717-796-9866 x 154.