Academic Programs

The Core Areas of GATS Programs

Each program includes course groups that focus on these subject areas
Academic Success

Mentoring in the basics of academic writing as well as the skills and heart needed to ensure completion of personal and academic goals.

Biblical Theological Foundations

As well as exploring the basics of the Old and New Testaments, students learn how to encounter God, interpret the Bible, and apply it to ministry situations. The GATS biblical foundation also includes an historic look at theology through our unique Systematic Theology courses.

Biblical Languages

Many students look forward to learning how to read the Bible from one of its original languages. We agree that these are very beneficial. So, this is an option for the Bible core and is highly recommended for students who want to continue into post-graduate studies.

Revival History

With a focus on the move of the Holy Spirit throughout history, the three revival history courses allow students to meet the heroes of faith who were used mightily by the Holy Spirit to spread His power and gospel throughout the world.

Practical Ministry

Students complete ministry courses to develop a biblical philosophy of ministry while being practically equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Students complete at least one of four Practicum options. Students may complete a supervised internship, explore the world of cross-cultural missions leadership, create a ministry training manual, or write a thesis. Students must have completed at least half of their academic program in order to enroll in one of these courses.

The curriculum of GATS is designed to equip and empower students in biblical knowledge, theology, ministry, and revival history. Our academic programs include the following:

Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology
Master of Divinity – Bible Concentration
Master of Divinity – Ministry Concentration
Master of Arts – Evangelism
Master of Arts – Pastoral Ministry
Master of Arts – Bible