FFCU - GATS: A Kingdom Connection

Family of Faith College was founded in 1992 by Dr. Sam Matthews and Family of Faith Fellowship. At this time, the church had entered into a relationship with a handful of churches in their geographical area in order to work together to fulfill the Great Commission. Family of Faith College was founded in order to provide training for the members of these churches while maintaining the pastoral and apostolic covering that the local church provides. Today, this network of churches includes thousands of churches around the world! (see www.iclcnetwork.com). Family of Faith College continues to provide on campus and on-line training for men and women from these churches.

In 2014, God began to divinely connect apostolic streams of His global Church through which a graduate school with these emphases could be birthed. Specifically, a shared vision for a graduate school developed between the administration and trustees of Family of Faith College, the apostolic leaders of International Christian Leadership Connections, and the apostolic leaders of Global Awakening. These groups prayed and worked together to develop the curriculum and the faculty of what is now Global Awakening Theological Seminary. In August, 2016, the online graduate programs were started, and in August, 2021, the doctoral programs were started.