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For years, we have watched the Lord build a strong connection between the intercessors and the revivalists in His Kingdom. Global Awakening Theological Seminary is the result of this dynamic connection. GATS has been developed by a group of leaders who came together believing in a need they saw for better educated leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ, including those who make up the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Third Wave, and Continuationist Evangelicals.

These leaders sought to design a graduate school that emphasizes rightly divining the Word of God and instilling faith in the power of God to perform miracles, healings, signs and wonders today, and throughout the history of the Church and the New Testament Church. These values, missions, and beliefs are evident in the curriculum and are carried by the faculty and administrative staff members.

We know there are many believers today seeking to be trained in this atmosphere, and you are probably one of them! Our prayer for you is that you grow in faith, wisdom, and boldness to fulfill God’s calling on your life. We pray that you walk in revival and awakening, and that you go forth taking the gospel mightily into the nations of the earth.

Welcome to Global Awakening Theological Seminary!

Meet The Leaders & Faculty

Sam Matthews

Dr. Sam Matthews

Randy Clark

Dr. Randy Clark

Tom Jones

Dr. Tom Jones