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Music always has and always will be a powerful force on the earth. When combined with a worshipping people, the power of God can infiltrate cities, regions, and generations of people.

As the Body of Christ matures and the Bride makes herself ready (Revelation 19:7), we need a new breed of worship leaders to arise. These men and women will not only be skilled in their music, but excellent in spirit armed with both knowledge and personal experience of God’s design on worship in the earth.

Why is this important?

Brian Doerksen, award-winning songwriter and worship leader, wrote in his book, Make Love, Make War,

I will never forget the day Dr. Gordon Fee came to our church and said, “Show me your songbook, and I will write your theology.” It struck me in that moment–we send people away to Bible school and seminary for years to learn the Scriptures and how to preach. And upon their return they preach sermons, which people often promptly forget. But there are very few theological schools designed to help modern artists and worship songwriters learn the Scriptures and biblical theology; we just tell them to write us a song we can sing in church. Maybe it’s the songwriters who should study the most–because the lyrics of the songs are what really stick with us. Our understanding matters deeply.

This world needs songs. Not just any songs, but songs written with intimate knowledge of God’s purposes and nature from passionate people who have studied to show themselves approved (2 Timothy 2:15). Every week, our worship leaders teach through the songs they sing or don’t sing and it’s time for worship “on earth as it is in heaven.”

This training is specifically designed to equip and mentor leaders in priestly worship, prophetic worship, and apostolic worship. With emphasis on both excellence in musicality as well as the intimate, revelatory, and declarations necessary for biblical worship, we believe entire regions and nations will be impacted as leaders are sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit, carrying kingdom authority for cultural shifts and change.

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