Undergraduate Program

BA Church Ministry - Wilderness Ministry Leadership

Program Objectives

In addition to the Comprehensive Objectives, students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry with an emphasis in Wilderness Ministry will be able to do the following:


Interpret and exegete the Word of God as they minister the Word through preaching and teaching.


Articulate and model a biblical philosophy, vital church ministries, and ethical issues.


Demonstrate leadership ability in various ministries of the church.


Detail principles necessary for the continued and successful worldwide penetration of the gospel with reference to the move of God in the church past and present.


Model a dynamic relationship with Christ and Christ’s Church and the leadership competency to carry out effective evangelism and discipleship in the context of transformational wilderness ministry adventures.

Degree Requirements

Biblical/Theological Studies (42 Hours)

An in-depth Biblical study of the principles of intercession based on the book Rees Howells, Intercessor. Emphasizes principles of faith, obedience, and possession by the Holy Spirit.

A study of the New Testament books with respect to title, author, date, background, key words, key verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and application.

A study of the Old Testament books with respect to title, author, date, key words and verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and the way each book points to Jesus Christ.

This course will teach students how to cultivate an intimate love relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, which results in a “pray, hear, obey” lifestyle. They will learn how to mature in Christ by establishing faith-goals in the five general categories of grace (Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competency) utilizing the four dynamics necessary for transformation (instructional, relational, experiential, spiritual).

This class will study all aspects of the gospel (such as Christ, Kingdom, Grace) and its power to change lives. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the gospel, become gospel fluent, and capable of applying the gospel in everyday life.

This course will help each student discover the awesome beauty, centrality, and supremacy of Jesus Christ and become more empowered to advance Christ’s kingdom in every area of life.

An examination of how the prophetic tradition of Israel developed and how it continues to operate in the New Testament church. This course includes a study of the Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

General survey of doctrines of the Bible, Christ, the goodness and greatness of God, Holy Spirit, man, and sin.

A continuation of Basic Theology I with an emphasis on the doctrines of salvation, end-times, demons and angels, and the church.

An intense study and practical expression of the working of the five-fold ministry within the church today.

The course includes an examination of worship as explained in the Old and New Testaments. Emphasis is placed on the study of the Tabernacles of Moses and David, the Temple, the Psalms, and other patterns of worship seen in the Bible.

A collective study of the synoptic gospels including an examination of how they structurally relate to the New Testament as a whole and their interrelation to each other. Pre-requisite: BIB 133.

A review of Paul’s life, travel, and teachings, and a study of his earlier epistles: 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and Romans. Pre-requisite: BIB 123.

A study of the prison and pastoral epistles of Paul. Pre-requisite: BIB 123.

Professional Studies (49 Hours)

A study of the biblical basis of local church evangelism and personal evangelism.

This course will train students how to be Christ-centered leaders who can positively influence others and effectively change the world.

This course examines how to fulfill the great commission by making disciples of Christ who make disciples.

This course will train students how to help others receive healing within their hearts, souls, and minds in order to enjoy internal wholeness and freedom from demonic oppression.

This course includes principles and practices that prevent, reduce, or mitigate impacts of human activity in the back country; a unique Christian version of the standard Leave No Trace curriculum infused with Scripture, Biblical perspectives, and Christian tradition.

Over 100 times in the Bible the text explicitly identifies lives being changed as a result of a wilderness journey. Noah, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all spent 40 days in wilderness environments. By participating in this course, student learn hard and soft skills, and they receive tools and knowledge as they are led into a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This course is designed to teach climbing instructors and guides to instruct and facilitate technical rock climbing in single pitch settings. And for any other professional outdoor leaders who desire to acquire or develop technical rock climbing skills for single pitch settings

A premier training and development opportunity for persons who want to lead wilderness or outdoor ministry expeditions. The course is specifically designed to teach and develop individuals to lead and instruct backpacking and rock climbing from a Christ-centered worldview. Pre-requisites: WML 336, WML 343, and WML 233

Part 1 of the capstone of the Wilderness Ministry program, students will collaborate with instructors to research, plan, and design a 7 day backpacking course in the southwest. Prerequisite: WML 423

Part 2 of the capstone of the Wilderness Ministry program, students will execute their designed 7 day route as an independent cohort. Instructors will shadow the student team but contact will only be made in the event of an emergency. Students will be empowered to incorporate all prior learning to lead this experience. Pre-requisites: WML 423, WML 483
16 Hours from other Ministry Courses

General Studies (39 Hours)

A review and practice of the academic writing process including grammar rules.

An expanded study and practice of clear, correct, and effective academic writing with some grammar review.

An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of public speaking and practice in presenting various forms of public speaking using those elements

A general study of social interactions and the products of social interactions, such as cultures, socializing, and the major institutions of society with respect to societies throughout the world. Includes practical application of sociological situations in development of critical thinking skills.

A survey of American culture, politics and government.

An introduction to the development of the government of the United States with a focus on its structure, function, power, and philosophy.

From a Christian perspective, this course encompasses political, cultural, literary, and religious influences on the development of civilization from the writings of the ancients to 1500 AD.

Covers the period from 1500 AD to the present, surveying events that shaped the development of modern nations, including those of Africa and Asia.

This course will introduce the student to the major worldviews of contemporary western society. As they examine the historical backgrounds, they will also compare each worldview against a Biblical worldview.

A survey course designed to acquaint the student with practical math applications. Topics selected from logic, probability, geometry, function and relations, set theory, and statistics. Emphasis will be on problem solving.

A general introduction to geology, oceanography, and meteorology, including lab and field work.

A study of scientific method, levels of organization, the cell, photosynthesis, respiration and genetics. Concentration is on vascular and non-vascular plants, as well as algae, bacteria, and viruses.

Christian Service

6 Hours CSP 111-161 Micro-Church Life
Degree Summary
Biblical/Theological Studies
42 Credit Hours
General Studies
39 Credit Hours
Professional Studies
49 Credit Hours
Christian Services
6 Credit Hours
136 Credit Hours