Undergraduate Program

BA Church Ministry - Leadership and Ministry

Program Objectives

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry through the ADVANCE degree-completion program will be able to do the following:


Interpret and exegete the Word of God as they minister the Word through preaching and teaching.


Articulate and model a biblical philosophy of leadership, vital church ministries, and ethical issues.


Demonstrate leadership ability in various ministries of the church.

Degree Requirements

Leadership and Ministry 54 Hours

A study of the basic Christian character: humility, selflessness, forgiveness, moral purity, clear conscience, seeking God, sensitivity to God, and living for God.

A study of the New Testament books with respect to title, author, date, background, key words, key verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and application.

A study of the Old Testament books with respect to title, author, date, key words and verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and the way each book points to Jesus Christ.

General survey of doctrines of the Bible, Christ, the goodness and greatness of God, Holy Spirit, man, and sin.

An intense study and practical expression of the working of the five-fold ministry within the church today.

A study of the process that led to the creation of the English Bible and its authority, a survey of the principles and practice of independent Bible study, including an emphasis on the grammatical historical approach to biblical interpretation. The student will study methods of application leading to the development of theme, proposition and finally the lesson itself.

The course will explore ways in which the student can develop a positive relationship with God as the student explores the role of general revelation (the creation), special revelation (the Scriptures), and experiences God at work in the modern world.

A review of Paul’s life, travel, and teachings, and a study of his earlier epistles: 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and Romans. Pre-requisite: BIB 123.

A study of the prison and pastoral epistles of Paul. Pre-requisite: BIB 123.

An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational and interpersonal settings.

A study of the theology and strategy of missions, as well as the spiritual and practical preparation of the missionary for cross-cultural work as part of a world ministry team. An understanding of world history from 70 AD to the present provides a helpful background to this course.

This course will introduce the student to the literature, skills and philosophy that will enable him/her to lead in the planting of a new congregation. The student will be led through the church-planting process and see the decisions this church made to grow into a vibrant congregation.

A comprehensive study of Christianity and a comparative analysis of various world religions and cults.

A study of biblical ethics with special emphasis on the ethics of Jesus and Paul. Modern ethical issues will be addressed from this biblical perspective.

Practical application and further development of ministry concepts as part of an internship in a ministry setting under the direct guidance of a ministry supervisor. This educational experience allows students to learn by being involved in the observation, contemplation and practice of ministry.

Introduces the principles and skills necessary to effectively communicate Scripture through teaching and preaching delivery. Emphasis will be placed on methods and the students will demonstrate the results of their preparation and practice.

An exploration of leadership styles and examples found in the Bible.

A study of New Testament discipleship principles and their application, with a special emphasis upon building discipling relationships through various small group ministries through the church.

Elective Credit (40 Hours)

General Studies (36 Hours)

English Composition - 6 Hours
Speech - 3 Hours
Social Science - 3 Hours
U.S. Government - 3 Hours
U.S. History - 3 Hours
History and Humanities - 9 Hours
Science - 6 Hours
Mathematics - 3 Hours

Christian Service (4 Hours)

(or one credit per semester enrolled, whichever is shorter)

Degree Summary
General Studies
36 Credit Hours
Leadership & Ministry Tract
54 Credit Hours
Elective Credits
40 Credit Hours
Christian Services
4 Credit Hours
134 Credit Hours