Certificate in Theological Leadership

Program Objectives

Students completing a Certificate in Theological Leadership will be able to do the following:


Know the contents of the books of the Bible and their backgrounds.


Identify and comprehend the fundamentals of Christian doctrine.


Develop and deliver effective and scripturally accurate sermons.


Identify key periods and principles of church history and apply them to current mission efforts.


Describe and model the leadership style of Jesus in holistic ministry expressions in their communities.

Certificate Requirements

30 credit hours

A study of the New Testament books with respect to title, author, date, background, key words, key verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and application.

A study of the Old Testament books with respect to title, author, date, key words and verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and the way each book points to Jesus Christ.

This course will teach students how to cultivate an intimate love relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, which results in a “pray, hear, obey” lifestyle. They will learn how to mature in Christ by establishing faith-goals in the five general categories of grace (Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competency) utilizing the four dynamics necessary for transformation (instructional, relational, experiential, spiritual).

General survey of doctrines of the Bible, Christ, the goodness and greatness of God, Holy Spirit, man, and sin.

An intense study and practical expression of the working of the five-fold ministry within the church today.

This course will enable students to start and run a Christ-centered kingdom business, which operates with Bible core values, vision, culture, and strategies.

The course description for this new course is coming soon.

A study and practicum of preaching with an emphasis on personal preparation, structure of the message, text selection, and delivery of the message.

This course will train students how to be Christ-centered leaders who can positively influence others and effectively change the world.

A study of the life and service associated with the pastoral office gift, leadership principles and pastoral duties.