Degree Completion Program

BA Organizational Leadership

By completing this program, students will be able to:


Demonstrate how to lead others effectively and ethically in businesses, non-profit organizations, ministries, or governmental structures


Effectively handle daily situations such as negotiation, conflict resolution, business ethics, team building, creative thinking, organization behavior, and business policy and strategy.


Exhibit appropriate leadership in organization change, growth, developing leadership potential in others.

Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies (18 Hours)

A study of the basic Christian character: humility, selflessness, forgiveness, moral purity, clear conscience, seeking God, sensitivity to God, and living for God.

An in-depth Biblical study of the principles of intercession based on the book Rees Howells, Intercessor. Emphasizes principles of faith, obedience, and possession by the Holy Spirit.

A study of the New Testament books with respect to title, author, date, background, key words, key verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and application.

A study of the Old Testament books with respect to title, author, date, key words and verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and the way each book points to Jesus Christ.

General survey of doctrines of the Bible, Christ, the goodness and greatness of God, Holy Spirit, man, and sin.

An intense study and practical expression of the working of the fivefold ministry within the church.

General Studies (36 Hours)

English Composition - 6 Hours
Speech - 3 Hours
Social Science - 3 Hours
U.S. History - 3 Hours
History and Humanities - 6 Hours
Science - 6 Hours
Mathematics - 3 Hours
General Studies Electives - 6 hours

Leadership Studies (36 Hours)

An exploration of leadership styles and examples found in the Bible.

An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational and interpersonal settings.

The development, discussion and resolution of ethical issues in organizations and how outcomes are impacted by ethical standards and Christian faith.

Elective Credit = 40

Degree Summary
General Studies
36 Hours
Biblical Studies
18 Hours
Leadership Studies
36 Hours
Christian Service
4 Hours
Elective Credit
40 Hours
134 Hours