Offered at Logos Training Center

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies and Ministry

Students completing an A.A. in Biblical Studies and Ministry will be able to do the following:

Understand the Biblical basis for the Father’s Love and testify to the healing of the heart of the heavenly Father in one’s character and Christian experience.
Identify the books of the Holy Bible, including author, contents, purpose and history, and articulate the Word of God, with rational understanding of basic Christian theological ideas and teachings.
Articulate a Biblical worldview as it applied to historical events, contemporary issues, a worldwide penetration of the gospel, revival, and personal belief.
Employ an aptitude in speaking
Exhibit by application, a personal commitment to the Great Commission, Christian Service, Christian character development, prayer as an equipped member of the body of Christ.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies and Ministry

Biblical Studies

A look at the essential definitions in the field of apologetics, an exploration of why apologetics matters to Christians, and explanations of the key concepts of apologetics, truth, facts, and faith. This course will approach a systematic discourse against secular and other religious critics regarding the origins of the Bible and its teachings.

A study of the New Testament books with respect to title, author, date, background, key words, key verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and application.

A study of the Old Testament books with respect to title, author, date, key words and verses, purpose, message, outline, summary, and the way each book points to Jesus Christ.

This course is a study of the Life of Christ as portrayed by the Apostle John, whose purpose was to reveal Christ, as the pre-existent Son of God. Attention is also given to Jesus, as the central figure in fulfilling the Jewish Feasts as incumbent on Jewish custom and Mosaic Law, yet as messianic prophecy unfolding.

The Book of Romans is regarded by some theologians as the Constitution of the Christian faith. Often regarded as the Apostle Paul’s greatest work, the course will cover the significance of such subjects as the depravity of man, the doctrines of justification, sanctification, and glorification, and man’s new identity as sons of God. Significance will be the placed on the promise of the land and people Israel in God’s plan of restoration.

An examination of how the prophetic tradition of Israel developed and how it continues to operate in the New Testament church. This course includes a study of the Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

General survey of doctrines of the Bible, Christ, the goodness and greatness of God, Holy Spirit, man, and sin.

An analysis of the life, conversion, missionary journeys, and major theological themes of the Apostle Paul, as supported by the historical accounts in the book of Acts and his personal letters to the churches of his day. Emphasis will be given to how history views Paul and his impact on church growth, and the Christian influence worldwide.

This course will lead the student in approaching and interpreting the Bible as written with further attention given to techniques and resources to carry out biblical research.

The course includes an examination of worship as explained in the Old and New Testaments. Emphasis is placed on the study of the Tabernacles of Moses and David, the Temple, the Psalms, and other patterns of worship seen in the Bible.

A collective study of the synoptic gospels including an examination of how they structurally relate to the New Testament as a whole and their interrelation to each other. Pre-requisite: BIB 133.

Christian Service Program

(or one credit per semester enrolled, whichever is shorter)

Ministry Studies

This course is designed to bring students into the awareness of God’s plan to make us whole – Body, Soul, and Spirit. Using Biblical applications and other spiritual and emotional healing resources, the student will come away with tools to receive healing for their life hurts and help people have hope; that is, past wounds do not have to define who they are anymore.

This course focuses on the exploration of the term and subject related to Spiritual Warfare. Beyond the definition, lies a whole gamut of material relating to the realm of God, and the realm of the fallen powers that engage us all in spiritual warfare. The battle of the three dimensions, known as the world, the flesh and the devil will take the student on a journey exploring such things as prayer, intercession, dimension, supernatural realm, the heavens, authority, power of the name of Christ, power of the blood to name a few.

A study and practicum of preaching with an emphasis on personal preparation, structure of the message, text selection, and delivery of the message.

A study of the theology and strategy of missions, as well as the spiritual and practical preparation of the missionary for cross-cultural work as part of a world ministry team. An understanding of world history from 70 AD to the present provides a helpful background to this course.

General Studies

An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of public speaking and practice in presenting various forms of public speaking using those elements

Life and Ministry Management is designed to equip students and Pastors/future Pastors with the essential skills and principles necessary for effectively managing personal life, family, church, and ministry responsibilities. This course will cover topics such as boundaries, burnout, conflict management, integrity, leadership, marriage, pastoral leadership, and personal and church money management.

This course will introduce the student to the major worldviews of contemporary western society. As they examine the historical backgrounds, they will also compare each worldview against a Biblical worldview.

Studies the key events in the history of the church as it spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

This class introduces and discusses the multiple dynamics involved when the question is asked, where does science and scholarship meet within the Genesis account? The course will explore facets in apologetic form regarding aspects of origins including subjects such as biology, astronomy, archeology, philosophy and science.
Degree Summary
Biblical Studies
33 credit hours
Ministry Studies
12 credit hours
General Studies
15 credit hours
Christian Service Hours
4 credit hours
64 credit hours