We are excited and grateful to see God expanding the Kingdom through Family of Faith College and we need your financial help to take the next steps!

How Do You Get Involved?

  • Pastors, we are extremely grateful for your presenting this opportunity to your congregation.
    • Share the vision of the college and take the offering on April 24!
  • Individuals or churches who want to give.
    • Share this information with anyone likeminded who might want to help. Facebook, Twitter, whatever avenues you can think of!
    • Send a check to Family of Faith College, PO Box 1805, Shawnee, OK, 74802
    • If you know the vision and want to contribute, you can donate now! Thanks so much for your support:

Message from Dr. Matthews:

The cry in the heart of Jesus for “the harvest of the nations” is changing into a shout of victory because “the nations are being harvested… The sickle is reaping!”


As you know, the Family of Faith College is in the process of partnering with Randy Clark and Global Awakening to offer the M.Div and two MA degrees. This will enable both of our networks to train our leaders around the world, as well as other networks who are looking for accredited training at the graduate level.

Such a Seminary has never been offered! It is coming from the depth of the Revival and Awakening culture led by Randy Clark and the Intercession and Prayer culture led by Sam Matthews. God has prophesied, through a totally different and unknown ministry to all of us, that the Revival ministry would come together with the Intercession and prayer ministry to enable God to release a whole new dimension and power for “ongoing and sustained revival”!

We are believing God for $100,000.00 on this College Offering Day and project. Kingdom increase is happening, and you can be apart of this historic and strategic Kingdom move!

Pray. Challenge your elders and church family, and believe that your church can give $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000–and see this miracle provision come forth!

God had the Family of Faith College ready. He had Global Awakening ready, and I believe that God has you and your church ready to see this great Seminary come forth and change the nations!


Dr. Sam Matthews

Family of Faith College

History of Offering Day

The Family of Faith College Offering Day was started last year so that the College could take the necessary steps for advancement and enlargement which the Father so desires!

“…I will also make You a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”  Isaiah 49:6b.

The outreach of the Family of Faith College is literally growing in every inhabitable continent of the earth.  It all started with a mandate from heaven to “raise up laborers to be a light to the nations,” and the momentum has only increased.

Jesus has allowed us to enter into relationships with ministries, churches, and networks throughout the earth.  We are so thankful for all that the Father has given us to do for the increase of His Kingdom worldwide!