world-hands_00278818We are excited and grateful to see God expanding the Kingdom through Family of Faith College and we need your financial help to take the next steps!

How Do You Get Involved?

  • Pastors, we are extremely grateful for your presenting this opportunity to your congregation.
    • Share the vision of the college and take the offering on May 3!
  • Individuals who want to give.
    • Share this information with anyone likeminded who might want to help. Facebook, Twitter, whatever avenues you can think of!
    • If you know the vision and want to contribute, you can donate now! Thanks so much for your support:

Every area of the College is being expanded at this moment.

We have added to our ministry degree and certificate programs:

These two areas have been some of the great strengths–the foundational stability–upon which we stand.  We have wanted to expand the training which we offer in these areas for sometime.  NOW IS THE TIME to see this happen!

Your faithful financial gift at this moment will make this possible.  Thanks for following what the Holy Spirit speaks to you.

Exciting Next Steps with Global Awakening

This next information is a fulfillment of some of God’s original words spoken to us about the College.  God put it in my heart to not only provide undergraduate work but also graduate studies.  Why? Because education is more then the facts and knowledge learned.

It is the atmosphere, the philosophy, the worldview, and those doing the teaching, imparting, and equipping. It is the Christ Himself being released through men and women of God who are being changed into His image!

There are many good colleges, universities, and seminaries throughout the world.  That is not the issue. The issue becomes the Kingdom revelations and manifestations which The Father is releasing. That is what must be known, cultivated, and released to each generation!

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, God has placed Randy Clark, Tom Jones, and Mike Hutchings (with Global Awakening) with Steve Wilson and myself to further unite our lives to fulfill the mandate of Jesus to see the nations of the world reached and the Kingdom established!  We have met several times and the forward movement is exhilarating to us all.

Randy Clark, Tom Jones, Mike Hutchings and several more in relationship with them have already completed their doctorates. Congratulations to them for their commitment to Christ to prepare themselves to accomplish this great task. Thus, they bring with them a great group of men and women who will further form the faculty as we offer the M.Div and the D.Min degrees.

Randy Clark’s “Healing Certification Program” will also be added to our degree program.  This means that someone wanting to earn a BA degree in this area can do that.  This also enables that person, with this degree, to enter the M.Div and D.Min programs.

God told Dr. Matthews years ago that He would put hungry people with him to see these things accomplished.  These men are some of God’s most hungry and committed throughout the earth!  Our faculty and those throughout the earth in relationship with us will also form the faculty for these programs.

Uniting our lives and ministries enables us to more adequately and powerfully fulfill what the Father has spoken.  There can be no doubt from previous meetings that we all share the passion for the training of laborers throughout the world!

Thank you for your support.

This is the time to get behind these expansions with your financial gifts and plant into this exciting time in the Kingdom!

Ask the Father the amount He would have you give and then go to the link provided and send this gift that is so certain to change the nations of the earth.  As you can see, this is a great moment in all our lives!

This could be one of the GREATEST KINGDOM GIFTS you have ever given. I know what the Father has allowed us to accomplish together up to this moment has been incredible, but we still see what God has told us to finish!


Dr. Sam Matthews
Family of Faith College

History of Offering Day

The Family of Faith College Offering Day was started last year so that the College could take the necessary steps for advancement and enlargement which the Father so desires!

“…I will also make You a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”  Isaiah 49:6b.

The outreach of the Family of Faith College is literally growing in every inhabitable continent of the earth.  It all started with a mandate from heaven to “raise up laborers to be a light to the nations,” and the momentum has only increased.

Jesus has allowed us to enter into relationships with ministries, churches, and networks throughout the earth.  We are so thankful for all that the Father has given us to do for the increase of His Kingdom worldwide!