Faculty and Instructors


Chris Bernard
A pastor in Bayfield, Colorado and a graduate of Family of Faith Christian University, Chris earned his MS from Grand Canyon University School of Business in the field of Leadership. He has a passion to develop leaders in the church as well as in the business world. He has a love for the mountains and loves to hike, bike, camp, and explore the great outdoors with his wife and two children.  A self-avowed sports junky, he has coached high school basketball for over a decade. However, the biggest passion in my life is seeing people come into their full potential of the calling that God has for their lives.

Bonnie Carrera
God has orchestrated the path for Bonnie to be part of Family of Faith since 1986.  After graduating from Family of Faith Christian School, Bonnie became part of the first group of Family of Faith Christian University students. Graduating with a BA in Education, she has taught both at home and abroad.  She completed her MA Ed. Administration from ORU and is currently completing her Ph.D  in International Education from NCU.  Having traveled to Japan, India, China, Bangladesh and other nations, Bonnie loves to travel and see what God is doing in individuals around the world.  Whether at home or abroad, she enjoys seeing what God is doing in friends and family, especially her little girl.  With her heart remaining in missions, Bonnie loves to see others raised up to fulfill the Great Commission and thus, followed the call of God to return to Shawnee as the VP of Academic Affairs at Family of Faith Christian University to do just that!  Called to serve.”

David Helseth
By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Dave and his family moved from Kenya, East Africa, to Shawnee to be part of Family of Faith ministries.  With a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University and after 20 years as a US Army medical laboratory officer, Dave became the science teacher at Family of Faith Christian School.  Two years later, he became part of the team that began FFCU, where he taught theology, missions, and science courses and served as the first VP of Academic Affairs.  Dave’s global experience has impregnated him with the urgency of the call to train laborers and send them to the nations as vessels that God can use to spiritually and practically bless the nations. Dave went on to earn an MA in Biblical Studies from American Christian College and Seminary in OK and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Science Education) from Oklahoma State University.  He has also completed his EdS in Post Secondary Educational Leadership from Oral Roberts University. Dave continues to teach several FFCU courses, including Earth Science, Basic Theology 1 and 2, Christology, Creation Theology, Missions, and Teaching Exceptional Learners.  Dave and his wife, Lucie, enjoy being part of the lives of their children and 6 grandchildren.

Samuel Matthews
While in France in 1989, Dr. Matthews had a vision of some property and heard the direction of the Lord to, “Go and buy this property and start a university.”  He returned to Shawnee, purchased the property, and started recruiting individuals to begin Family of Faith Christian University. He has never looked back, but only looks forward to training more laborers.  Sam and his wife, Kathy, have been pastors of Family of Faith Church since 1983, but Dr. Matthews began preaching the gospel at the age of 17.  He earned his BA in Bible from Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and then went on to complete both his M.Div. and his D. Min from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas.  Space does not allow us to share the incredible journey completed by Sam and Kathy as God prepared them and called them into continuous intercession to “orchestrate a world-wide penetration of the gospel.”  Through Family of Faith Church, Family of Faith Christian School, Family of Faith Christian University, and through International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC), they are seeing laborers trained, teams sent, and nations changed!  Dr. Matthews is also a member of the ICLC Apostolic Company and of ICLC regional and national teams.  He regularly travels around the world to visit and encourage ICLC churches and leaders.  When he is home, you will find him surrounded by (or talking about) his sons, his daughter-in-law, and his four grandchildren.

Yasha Matthews
Yasha is uniquely equipped to enable FFCU business students to navigate the realities of ministry in business.  After graduating from FFCU, God opened doors for her to work in insurance and then in the banking industry.  Shen completed her MBA at Oklahoma Christian University and continues works as a bank executive, living out the meaning of the phrase “marketplace ministry.” Yasha began teaching ADVANCE courses in 2007.  Yasha also carries a great anointing as a worship leader and pastor.  She is married to Daniel, and they have 4 children.

Deborah Mohabir – Hewitt
Debbie, born in Guyana, South America, has been a missionary since childhood. Growing up in London, she traveled with her family to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Romania, and Jamaica. She earned her BSc (Hon.) in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Wolverhampton and her MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Manchester Metropolitan University. She continued in her mission work and intercessions, and through ICLC church relationships, she came to FFCU to teach Biology. Since then she completed her MEd at East Central State University, in Ada, OK. She is currently the Administrator of Wagoner Christian Academy in Wagoner, OK, where she lives with her husband, John. Debbie loves to bring glory to God through her singing as well as through her teaching ministry.

Caleb Parker
As part of praise and worship teams since the mid-90’s, Caleb has also been on ministry teams in several countries and across the United States. He has been very blessed to minister in literally hundreds of churches and organizations. Caleb’s calling is to operate in the realm of prophetic release, writing, composing, and teaching others how to flow in worship and in the prophetic song. He is also an intercessor, touching nations, people, and strategic places in the spirit realm. His desire is to prepare the Body of Christ for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. After graduating from Family of Faith Christian University, he completed his Master in Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.

Elaine Phillips
While living in Aberdeen, Scotland, God called Elaine and her husband, John, to Oklahoma to fulfill their longing to train people to go to the nations.  Elaine’s heart is to use her ministry gifts of teaching and administration in order to equip people to minister to others.  Elaine earned her BA in Christian Education from Southwestern University, in Georgetown, TX, and her MA in Christian Education from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.   You will find her leading meetings, counseling students, working on accreditation, and teaching ministry courses such as Youth Ministry, Methods of Bible, Counseling, and Missions. Outside of the office, Elaine enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and three daughters. 

John Phillips
After completing his BA and MA in Biblical Studies at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, John finished his M.Phil. in New Testament Studies at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland.  After a year as an intern pastor, God opened the doors for him to bring his family to FFCU in 1995, and ever since, John and Elaine have been part of Family of Faith Christian University.   John teaches a wide variety of courses from freshman and upper-level Bible courses, Ethics, Biblical Worldview.  He also completed further graduate work at Oklahoma State University so he could teach courses like US History, US Government, World History, and Contemporary History. His passion is to see laborers fully grounded in a Christian worldview and skilled in understanding and using the Word of God. John is a sports enthusiast who loves to play golf and tennis and enjoys watching football and basketball.  His #1 team is his family, consisting of his wife and his 3 fellow sports-loving daughters.

Lauren Sadberry
Lauren’s entire life has revolved around the vision!   She grew up in Family of Faith Church and Family of Faith Christian School.   Then, God directed her to attend FFCU for her degree in Education.   Her intercessions for the nations led her INTO the nations—specifically to Suriname, Japan, Guyana, and Mexico.   However, God led her to work at FFCS and train up more laborers for the Kingdom of God.  At FFCS she has taught Kindergarten, as well as other elementary and secondary grades.  After receiving her MA in Education at Southern Nazarene University, Lauren joined the FFCU faculty so she can impart principles and help students discover great methods to use in the classroom.   In 2013, Lauren moved to Iguala, Mexico, to work with Instituto Tierra Nueva.  In 2017, the Lord directed her back to FFCS to teach first grade and rejoin the on-campus faculty of the university.

Amy Shaw
Amy brings to her students a rich experience that includes banking, human resources, and administration.  However, her heart is to teach.  Amy graduated from FFCU with her BA Education, and then completed her MS in Management at Southern Nazarene University. She teaches several online courses including Communication Concepts, Accounting, Case Studies in Leadership, Economics, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.  Amy is the administrator at Lakewood Christian School in McAlester, Oklahoma, where she resides with her husband and son.

Andrea Stasyszen
After graduating from Family of Faith Christian University with her BA Education, Andrea moved with her husband, Jason, to Juneau, Alaska, where they were pastors of Breakthrough Church.  She completed her MA Teaching at the University of Alaska Southeast and received her Alaska Teacher Certification for secondary mathematics.  They were called back to Oklahoma where Jason serves as Worship Pastor of Family of Faith Church.  Andrea brings her experience of teaching mathematics and technology education, as well as her administrative and entrepreneurial gifting to the FFCU faculty.  She and Jason have 4 children.

Amy Winter
A licensed psychotherapist (counselor) with a private practice in Shawnee, Amy was a graduate of the 2nd graduating class of FFCU. She subsequently completed her MA in Counseling from Southern Nazarene University.  Her courses, Principles of Biblical Counseling and Child and Adolescent Development, allow students to gain a true picture of helping people heal by focusing on Christ as their guide and Lord.  Amy and her husband have 3 children who love boating, fishing, baseball, softball, and photography.

 Jennifer Winter
God directed Jennifer to come to Family of Faith after completing her Master’s Degree in Christian Education.  Her desire is to train laborers at Family of Faith Christian School to see the Gospel advance throughout the earth.  She received her BA Music Therapy from Colorado State University.  After teaching a few years, she completed her MA in Christian education at American Bible College and Seminary.  After joining the FFCS staff as a junior high and high school teacher, she began teaching courses at FFCU as an extension of the training of laborers.  She currently teaches Speech and Tests and Measurements in the university. As she instructs those who are called to teach and train laborers, she is equipping the laborers who will carry on their calling in education. When not teaching, she is busy spending time with her husband and 3 daughters.

Christy Woodward
Christy graduated from FFCU in 1997 with a BA in Education in which she majored in science and minored in history. Afterward, Christy married her husband, Terry, and went on to receive her MA in Education at Oral Roberts University. They moved to Japan a few years later and worked in Osaka and then helped start Sano International School. She was there for 7 years before returning to Oklahoma. Along with teaching methods courses to education majors in the university. Christy also serves as the Assistant Administrator in Family of Faith Christian School. Outside the office, she enjoys Starbucks coffee, gardening, and spending time with Terry and their 3 children.


Robby Dragman
In 1978, Robby began his ministry as a missionary into the jungles of Suriname. He has served as youth leader, evangelist, church planter, and pastor of churches both in the jungle and in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. Through these opportunities, Robby ministered to animists, Hindus, as well as Muslims.  After studying at Hebron Missionary School, Robby came to FFCU to complete his BA in Church Ministry.  He went on to work on his MA Ministry at Southwestern Christian University. Whether teaching Basic Theology, Comparative Religions, Missions, or Bible courses, or teaching in the church, Robby brings great practical experience and impartation to his students. Robby is also a carpenter, and he and his wife, Ingrid, have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Atoya McDonald
Teaching is definitely more than a profession to Atoya McDonald.  She insists that students bring together the anointing of their teaching gift, the presence and creativity of the Holy Spirit, and the intercessions for the students and for the nations. Atoya taught 1st and 2nd grade at FFCS for 25 years before retiring in 2015. She brings to the university classroom her rich experience of teaching readers combined with her commitment to the vision of training laborers and her desire to stay updated on the newest and best ways to teach readers. Her courses include Diagnostic Reading Instruction and Methods and Materials for Teaching Reading. She was a popular choice as a supervising teacher for the Teaching Internship program. Atoya and her husband have 3 children and 1 granddaughter, and they enjoy ranching, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Jason Stasyszen
As a FFCU graduate, Jason has a passion for releasing the Kingdom of God through music. Worship has been foundational to his life in Christ.  Through worship, he found a freedom that has changed him forever—and which he wants to help others find. Jason returned to Oklahoma after pastoring several years in Juneau, Alaska.  He has recorded five albums and travels extensively to teach, preach, and lead worship.  He and his wife, Andrea, have 4 children.

Katie Wright
After graduating from FFCU, Katie immediately began putting her inspiration and creative teaching methods to good use as a teacher in Family of Faith Christian School.  FFCU welcomed her in 2014 as she imparts to education students through educational methods courses.  Katie is married to Brian, and they added their son to their family in 2016.  She enjoys crafts, Starbucks, her dogs, and anything with people.