Spiritual Life and Christian Service


Family of Faith Christian University places a high priority on each student’s continued and developing relationship with God. In order to help each distance education student maintain his or her relationship with the Lord, the faculty has approved a list of Spiritual Life Projects. Each distance education student must complete one Spiritual Life Project each semester. The faculty is always seeking to add more projects so the options are relevant, life-breathing, and flexible.

Here are a few Spiritual Life projects:

  • Attend church or a group Bible Study on a regular basis. The student must attend for 12 out of 16 weeks in a semester and verify this attendance by a signed statement from the pastor or leader. The student must also write a 500-word essay on the topic of “The Living and Active Word of God in My Life” that includes answers to specific questions.
  • Listen to 4 sermons that you access through the Family of Faith website. For each sermon, list the sermon date, give preacher’s name, briefly summarize the content of the sermon, and describe the impact of this sermon upon your life. (www.myfamilyoffaith.com).
  • Attend the International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) leadership summit conferences in Oklahoma.  ICLC hosts two such conference each year which include four main sessions and children’s ministry times. All students are welcome to attend a service that will count as a Spiritual Life Project. Please tell the Vice President of Academic Affairs that you will be attending and check in with her on the day of the session. There are other conferences around the world that may be attended as well. More information on these can be found at www.iclcnetwork.com.
  • Select and read a book from the approved book list and write a book report. This report must include a one-page summary of the message of the book and a one-page testimony of the book’s impact upon your life. The list of books is comprehensive and flexible. Please check on this website for the most recent list, or submit your book title to the Director of Spiritual Life (dmatthews@familyoffaith.edu) for approval.

Spiritual Life & Christian Service projects should be relevant to the calling and gifting of each student.  Please submit your ideas for projects to the Director of Spiritual Life (dmatthews@familyoffaith.edu) for approval.


Christian service is another activity through which a student received instruction, clarity of call, and Christ-likeness.  Each degree student is required to complete 6 semesters of Christian Service, and certificate students must complete 4 semesters of Christian Service.  A transfer student will be enrolled in Christian Service until the student completes requirements or graduates. Here are some Christian Service project options:

  • Participate in an ongoing ministry through your local church, such as teaching a Sunday School class, discipleship group or Bible study, serving through a food ministry or counseling ministry, or taking part in a worship team.
  • Participate in a mission trip. The faculty recommends that all students join a mission trip at least once during their university careers. Contact the FFCU office for more information.
  • Complete an evangelism project by reading an article or book on evangelism, keeping an evangelism prayer journal, and documenting your witnessing opportunities in writing.

At the beginning of each term, distance education students should make arrangements to complete a Christian Service project. Reporting requirements should be completed by the end of each term.