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Prophetic Words from our 25th Anniversary Banquet

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There is a great favor of God over this work. This is the beginning of the expansion. it will grow so fast that it will be a challenge to keep up with everything God is doing.

I saw the people at FFCU rolling a huge stone up the mountain–pushing, pushing, pushing–getting stronger as they did it. At the top it becomes a rocket. The fuse is lit and it is getting ready to take off. It goes to the atmosphere, and then it explodes into separate parts and it rains down on to different parts of the earth. These shafts of light comes and there is an explosion.  Nations will be caused to be sheep nations as a result of this endeavor.

I saw dozens and dozens of business people coming alongside what is being established right now.  I saw buildings established on the property.  I saw a brand new sign out there for FFCU. There is a great favor of God over this work.

God is using this university to unlock the next movement of God and the next movement of God, and the next, and the next. This is to affect the world. It is something that is for generations to come.  I heard God say, “It will stand. The university will stand.” What God has established in this university will stand because God is with us.
Flashings of the arrival of Jesus Christ will be known in this college.  He will be bringing extraordinary visitations to students in the college. He will say come away. There will be multiple visitations and anointing imparted.  The main thing is that this is taking a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ – the arrival of the Lord coming into the student’s lives, and the portrait will be a testimony.

“I am going to arrive,” says the Lord, “there will be a picture taken and put deep in the spirits of the students and the staff and testimony of Jesus Christ, the overcoming testimony, shall arise and arise and arise and the Lord will visit again and again.”

The Lord says people in this room are ready to take His hand to the next 25 years.  We are going into a season of scriptural innovation.  To allow this college to really quantify some of the things that make spiritual significance.  One in particular: the Lord will quantify the impact of intercession on the earth–not in its totality but in an academic fashion . . . analytically to show and demonstrate some of the things that we have lived through because we know that we know that we know. This is not about teaching people what to think. It is more about teaching people how to think . . . better yet, how to live transformed lives.  When we pursue it in this manner, creating the ability to think the way God wants us to think, it will bring spiritual transformation.  That is one of the things that will ensure the destiny and the heart of this university.