All Nations College

All Nations College brings to the FFCU family a distinct apostolic emphasis that is lived out by the Rock Tribe International and a specific emphasis on helping each student grow into Christ’s likeness by 1) cultivating a love relationship with God as Father, through the Person of Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, 2) learning how to live effectively in a Christ-centered family community, 3) developing Christ’s character deep within one’s heart and lifestyle, 4) hearing and obeying Christ’s call on their life in every area of life, 5) maturing in competency and skills to successfully carry out one’s calling. The 5-C’s (Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competency) will be realized through the four dynamics required for transformation into Christ’s likeness: Instruction, Relationship, Experience and Spirit.

All Nations of College

Ultimately, our effectiveness in life and ministry flows from the quality of our love relationship with our Father in heaven, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit. Who we are, from the inside out, determines how we live and what we do. Therefore, All Nations College will first and foremost focus on helping students cultivate a true discipling relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord, resulting in obedience that flows from love. This desire for authentic intimacy with Christ will only be complete if we are in true unity with Christ’s Body, His family-community. It is out of this loving submission to Christ’s kingly rule, and a life-giving connection with Christ’s family-community, that will shape our inner character. Throughout their studies, FFCU-ANC students will be involved in Ministry Activation which requires the student to have personal time, to be part of a gender specific discipleship group of 2-4 that reaches out to others, to maintain a personal outreach lifestyle (Prayer, Care, Share), to be an active member of a local church, and to be humble, teachable, and willing to be mentored and coached by other believers.

All Nations College offers the following degree programs:

BA Church Ministry – Church Planting and Leadership emphasis
BA Church Ministry – Marketplace and Entrepreneurial Leadership emphasis
BA Church Ministry – Cross-cultural Missions Leadership emphasis
BA Church Ministry – Wilderness Ministry leadership emphasis


As in all FFCU bachelor degree programs, students will complete academic programs that include three cores of instruction: General Education core, Bible/Theology core, and Ministry Core.