Other Information and Resources


The purpose of FFCU is to train men and women spiritually, academically, and practically for Christian leadership.  With this in mind, chapel services and Christian service are part of the university experience.

Several ADVANCE chapels are planned during the months of September to May of each year.  The student will be uplifted by the singing, prayer, and the inspirational messages.  ADVANCE students are required to attend a minimum of three (3) chapel services per year.  Attendance is recorded and those not meeting the attendance requirement will have their diploma held until they have attended the required number of chapel services.

The student’s study program at the FFCU is not just a mental exercise just as one’s faith in the Lord is not limited to mere head knowledge.  For this reason, students at Family of Faith Christian University must also put what is learned into practice.  Each student in the ADVANCE Program is expected to engage in some type of ministry and/or services for a minimum of 25 hours each semester.  This service will be in a local church or through a community service organization.  At the end of each of the four semesters, the student must submit a completed Christian Service Form verified with a supervisor’s signature.


From its earliest days, FFCU has recognized the need for a faculty who are academically prepared, spiritually mature, and strongly committed to the mission and purposes of Family of Faith Christian University.  The ADVANCE Program continues that tradition with qualified individuals who teach adults effectively, model Christian leadership, and make a positive contribution to the life of the student.


FFCU’s Library exists to support the curricular needs of students and faculty.  The library is continuing to expand its resources to support the curriculum and promote student academic success.  The library includes nearly 30,000 volumes, computers with internet access, a music library, and a photocopier.

FFCU students have access to online databases for research needs.  These databases can be accessed from the library or from any internet connection.  Further information regarding library hours, internet, service, and database access is included in a handout given to students at orientation. Also find more information by clicking here.