Advance Degree Completion Program

The ADVANCE Degree Completion program began in 2004 in order to serve the needs of busy working adults in our geographical area who may have started a degree but never finished.  Both students and instructors enjoy the one night per week class format.  Since a new class begins every five weeks, these students can be employed full-time AND complete their degree!  This has been a God-send for many of our students.  Could you, or someone you know, benefit from a program like this?


ONE night a week

Classes meet from 6 to 10 pm
Class meets the same weeknight for the entire program

ONE course at a time

One course is completed in 5 weeks
Earn 3 credit hours in 5 weeks

ONE group of adults

Being with the same group enables open discussion
Group dynamics provide encouragement to excel

ONE format in the curriculum

Student Guide for each course has the same format
Guides and texts are distributed directly in class

NO memory exams

Grades earned through completed assignments
Take-Home Final is open book



To enable students to fit this program into their already busy lives, FFCU has scheduled modular courses one night a week from 6-10 p.m. for the duration of the program (about two years).  Organized into groups, called cohorts, students progress through the program together.

Students earn 54 semester hours of credit in four semesters that last about six months each.  All students take one modular course at a time.  Each course is completed in five weeks of classes.  At least a one week break is built into the schedule about every three months.

FFCU presents the modular course Student Guides in notebooks.  The Student Guide gives detailed assignments for each week.  There is a Take-Home Final Exam in each course which is open book and completed at home.

ADVANCE courses are taught by Family of Faith Christian University faculty members and instructors. They are trained in how to relate to adult students and how to make each modular course an exciting and valuable learning experience.


  • The opportunity to complete your degree without interrupting your career – classes meet just one night a week and will meet the same night for the entire program.
  • The opportunity to take one class at a time – you do not have to balance several courses at a time.
  • The opportunity to be in a small class of approximately twelve people with whom you will advance through the program together and with whom you will experience support, friendship, and encouragement.
  • The opportunity to use dynamic instructional Student Guides, all with the same format, that give extensive guidance to promote academic excellence.
  • The opportunity as a motivated adult to take responsibility to demonstrate to the instructor the learning that has occurred – no pressure to memorize.
  • The opportunity to enjoy an interactive, participatory, seminar-type learning experience encouraging you to bring the knowledge you have acquired and past practical experience into the classroom.
  • The opportunity to earn university credit for learning acquired through ministry, work, military training, vocational training, and technical skills.
  • The opportunity to learn from experienced and well-trained instructors from a distinctively Christian perspective.
  • The opportunity to encounter new possibilities, new careers, and even graduate school.


Throughout the year, Family of Faith Christian University holds Information Sessions on campus and at other locations to inform prospective students about the program.  To learn more about the ADVANCE Program, a prospect is invited to attend one of the Information Sessions or make an individual appointment to learn more about the Program.  These Information Sessions cover:

  • The nature of the ADVANCE Program
  • Educational needs of today’s adult
  • Financial matters, such as employer reimbursement,
  • Federal grants and loans, university payment plans
  • Beginning dates for groups
  • Application procedures
  • Questions and answers

To obtain dates for Information Sessions, or to schedule an individual appointment, please call the ADVANCE Program office at (405) 273-7700.  In addition to regular office hours, the ADVANCE staff is available for appointments before or after work and during the lunch hour.  Off-campus presentations to groups of any size can be arranged.


Online Option

For some there may be classes that are not offered in our ADVANCE Program that are needed to complete their degree.  No problem.  Online courses and Bridge courses (on campus courses offered in the ADVANCE format and in either condensed or expanded sessions) are also available.

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