Other Methods of Obtaining Credits


Students who enter the ADVANCE Program and lack all of the appropriate hours to graduate may qualify to earn additional semester hours through the Credit by Demonstrated Competency (CDC) process.  A maximum of 30 semester credit hours may be earned by CDC.

These credit hours can come from a number of different sources, including workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit classes, training programs and work and military experiences.  The FFCU evaluates and grants appropriate units for the student’s learning (not just the experience) from these sources.

It is recommended that during the first semester in the program that the students make an appointment to meet with the ADVANCE Program Director about potential CDC that can apply towards graduation.


FFCU assesses a $25 Portfolio Evaluation Fee for each credit hour by Demonstrated Competency (CDC) for which the student applies and a $25 fee for every hour of credit the university accepts.  For example, if a student applies for 10 credits and the university accepts 7 credits, the university charges the student $425 ($25 x 10 credits = $250) plus ($25 x 7 = $175).  A faculty member in the appropriate field of study evaluates a student’s work to determine acceptable credit.  CDC is limited to not more than 30 units of credit.


FFCU offers two other means by which students may earn credit in addition to the modular courses and Credit by Demonstrated Competency (CDC). These include:

  • CLEP Tests (College Level Examination Program) – a national set of college level exams on general education course topics.
  • DSST Tests (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) – a national set of college level exams on courses in more than 50 different subject areas.

More information can be obtained in the ADVANCE Office.