ADVANCE Degree Completion Programs

FFCU offers degree-completion programs for those adults who started college but were unable to finish a degree. These programs incorporate a generous 40 hours of elective credit into the degree program. Each student’s degree plan will depend upon how much credit he or she has already completed.

BA Leadership and Ministry
BA Management and Ethics
BA Organizational Leadership


Each degree-completion program requires the following General Studies Core:

English Composition 6 hours
Speech 3 hours
Social Science 3 hours
U.S. History 3 hours
U.S. Government 3 hours
History and Humanities 9 hours
Science 6 hours
Mathematics 3 hours

Students are required to complete one credit hour of Christian Service Program for each semester he or she is enrolled, up to 4 credit hours.

Students who desire to complete one of these programs must have official transcripts forwarded to the FFCU admissions office and comply with FFCU transfer of credit policies.