BA Education Program

The BA Education program of FFCU is designed to equip those who are called to the ministry of education in Christian Schools around the world. This program is helpful to those who are called to teach children or youth, to administrate Christian schools, to begin and/or work in orphanages, or to focus on children or youth ministry. The FFCU campus, shared with Family of Faith church and Christian School, is an ideal learning environment for our education majors. Freshman students complete 45 hours of classroom observations through their Education Practicum. Through methods courses, upper-level students are involved in creating and teaching lesson plans while they receive constructive feedback from experienced instructors. The degree is completed with a ten-credit hour Teaching Internship which requires 450 hours of observation, teaching, evaluation, and reflection.

The BA Education requires completion of three main cores:

  • The Biblical/Theological studies core provides the teacher a solid biblical foundation for life and ministry. This core includes survey courses for Old and New Testament studies and Basic Theology as well as emphasizing intercession, Christian character, and biblical leadership. The course Introduction to Christian Education will lead students to formulate a biblical philosophy of education and to examine Christ’s example in teaching.
  • The General Studies core assures each student has the necessary skills in subjects such as grammar, speech, history, science, and math.
  • The Professional Studies core includes courses on Child Science, Exceptional Learners, Technology, Classroom Management, Assessment, Helping Students in Crisis, and pedagogical courses focusing on specific subjects such as Mathematics, History, STEAM, Literacy, and more. Students will be fully equipped to educate students in the setting to which God is leading them.


Master of Education

The Master of Education in Global School Leadership is designed to equip teachers to strengthen, build, and lead schools that will impact student lives around the world. Courses are focused on biblical worldview, classroom management, character building, operations, pedagogy, and international education. Students completing this degree will have many opportunities to connect with experienced educational leaders at home and in other nations.