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Apologetics Certification Program


 APO 203     Introduction to Apologetics
A look at the essential definitions in the field of apologetics,  an exploration of why apologetics matters to Christians, and working to define the key concepts of apologetics, truth, facts, and faith.

APO 353     Biblical Worldview in Society Today
This course will provide an overview of a biblical worldview, including comparing a biblical and secular worldview in the areas of government, economics and politics as well as social issues such as education, abortion, gender ideology, and the environment. Focus will be placed on the positive impact the Christian worldview can have on our culture today. Also BIB 513.

APO 223     The Reliability of the Bible
An enquiry into archaeological support for the historical reliability of the Bible, and an investigation into whether the Old Testament and New Testament manuscripts are reliable. Includes a study of the rules of canonicity and fake gospels as well as a look at alleged contradictions and errors in the Bible.

APO 243     Jesus Christ and His Resurrection
An examination of the truth about the resurrection of Jesus, an investigation into how we know the New Testament writers told the truth, and the verification of Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Christ.




APO 363     Creation Theology
Comparison of  the historicity of Genesis to evolution and other creation compromises. Includes new discoveries in biology regarding cell design, DNA, the beginnings of life, geological records and astronomical findings.

APO 213     Cosmology: Proofs for God’s Existence
The Classical Proofs for God’s Existence, including The Cosmological Argument, The Intelligent Design Argument, The Aesthetic Argument, The Information Argument, and The Argument from Human Consciousness.

APO 233     Apologetics and Practical Ministry
A look at how to answer questions such as: “Why is there evil and suffering?” The course will also explore the criteria for discerning true miracles and will answer the question, “Do miracles happen today?

APO 323     Comparative Religions
An examination of non-Christian religions and cult groups such as Judaism, Islam, Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism. Includes helps in sharing the gospel.

Course Format & Schedule

Our Calendar includes four eight-week courses per year.


 Weeks 1-4 – Pre-Conference Work
100 pages per week reading; videos, online discussions

Week 5 – Conference Week*
20 hours of conference; journaling and reflection assignments
Conference schedule may be Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday morning
OR all-day Friday and Saturday morning and afternoon.

Weeks 6-8 – Post-Conference Work
Conference summary/journal; weekly discussions; Work on papers and personal presentations.

(subject to change)

Apologetics Certification Courses are available for Credit OR to Audit.

When completed for credit, these courses count toward a student’s BA Church Ministry.

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