Meet The Faculty


Chris Bernard
A pastor in Bayfield, Colorado and a graduate of Family of Faith College, Chris earned his MS from Grand Canyon University School of Business in the field of Leadership. He has a passion to develop leaders in the church as well as in the business world. He has a love for the mountains and loves to hike, bike, camp, and explore the great outdoors with his wife and two children. He is a self-avowed sports junky; however the biggest passion in his life is seeing people come into their full potential of the calling that God has for their lives.

Linda Dimiceli
Linda is a mother and teacher. Originally from Texas, she now resides in Oklahoma. She completed a Bachelors in Political Science from Southwestern University, teaching certification courses from Texas A&M University, and a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from Oral Roberts University. With 25+ years of teaching in public, private, classical and home school settings and for students in a wide range of ages, she loves to draw out student talents and encourage students to sharpen those skills. Currently, she works at the collegiate level both residentially and online. Convinced that providing a Christian worldview in education leads to changed hearts, she views teaching as a privilege!

Maria Haeflinger
Maria has been a true blessing to FFCU in so many ways. She started as a student and completed her BA Church Ministry. She and her husband became missionaries to Japan, and then returned to the US. When they relocated to Oklahoma, Maria joined the staff as Administrative Assistant, and then stepped into the Library Staff position in 2016. She and her husband have 3 children.

Dave Helseth
By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Dave and his family moved from Kenya to be part of Family of Faith ministries. With a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University and after 20 years as a US Army medical laboratory officer, Dave started teaching science in the FFCS high school. Two years later, he became part of the team that began this college. He earned an MA in Biblical Studies from American Christian College and Seminary in OK and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Science Education) from Oklahoma State University. He then completed his EdS at Oral Roberts University. Dave teaches Earth Science, Basic Theology, Christology, Creation Theology, Missions, and Teaching Exceptional Learners. Dave’s global experience has infused him with the urgency of the call to train laborers and send them to the nations as vessels that God can use to spiritually and practically bless the nations.

Timothy Johns
The founder and leader of the Rock International “Tribe”, an international family of churches. He has been a leader, business man, and church planter for over 40 years. His life calling has been to equip men and woman to be disciples of Christ, effective leaders, and catalysts for new church plants. He is an author, speaker, and consultant for churches and businesses. Tim earned his Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctoral degree from Regent University.

Yasha Matthews
Yasha is uniquely equipped to enable FFCU business students to navigate the realities of ministry in business. After graduating from FFC, God opened doors for her to work in insurance and then in the banking industry. She completed her MBA at Oklahoma Christian University and works as a bank executive, living out the meaning of the phrase “market-place ministry.” Yasha also carries a great anointing as a worship leader and pastor.

Caleb Parker
As part of praise and worship teams since the mid-90’s, Caleb has also been on ministry teams in several countries and across the US. He has been very blessed to minister in literally hundreds of churches and organizations. Caleb’s calling is to operate in the realm of prophetic release, writing, composing, and teaching others how to flow in worship and in the prophetic song. He is also an intercessor, touching nations, people, and strategic places in the spirit realm. His desire is to prepare the Body of Christ for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. After graduating from FFCU, he completed his Master in Worship Studies at Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.

John Phillips
After completing his BA and MA in Biblical Studies at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, John finished his M.Phil. in New Testament Studies at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland. After a year as an intern pastor, God opened the doors for him to bring his family to FFCU in 1995, and ever since, they have been part of the vision. John teaches a wide variety of courses from freshman and upper-level Bible courses, Ethics, Biblical Worldview. He completed further graduate work at Oklahoma State University so he could teach courses like US History, US Government, and World History. His passion is to see laborers fully grounded in a Christian worldview and skilled in understanding and using the Word of God.

Lauren Sadberry
Lauren’s entire life has revolved around the vision! God directed her to attend FFCU for her degree in Education. Her intercessions for the nations led her INTO the nations—specifically to Suriname, Japan, Guyana, and Mexico. In 2013, Lauren moved to Iguala, Mexico, to work with Instituto Tierra Nueva. In 2017, God led her back to train up more laborers for the Kingdom of God at FFCS and then into public schools where she has taught several elementary and secondary grades. She received her MA in Education at Southern Nazarene University and joined the FFCU faculty to impart principles and help students discover great methods to use in the classroom.

Katherine Smith
Katherine (Kate) completed both her BA and MA degrees in Sociology at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Smith’s primary research is in the field of Gerontology (the study of aging.) She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Fort Lewis College. Kate has also worked in the domestic violence and sexual assault field in Colorado Springs, serving as the Safehouse Manager and then as an educator for the non-profit organization TESSA, speaking in the community of the topics of domestic violence and sexual assault. Kate was introduced to FFCU through her pastor and fellow faculty member from Durango, Chris Bernard.

Andrea Stasyszen
After graduating from FFCU with her BA Education, Andrea moved with her husband, Jason, to Juneau, Alaska, where they were pastors of Breakthrough Church. She completed her MA Teaching at the University of Alaska Southeast and received her Alaska Teacher Certification for secondary mathematics. They were called back to OK where Jason serves as Worship Pastor of Family of Faith Ministries and Andrea works for Oklahoma DHS and brings her experience of teaching mathematics and technology education to the FFCU faculty.

Meghan Stewart
Meghan Stewart, MS, SES. Meghan earned her BA in Elementary Education from FFCU and her MS in Special Education, Strategist from Minot State University. She has held numerous roles in K12 education, adult education, and higher education. At FFCU, she currently teaches Child and Adolescent Development and Teaching Exceptional Learners. Meghan resides in Minot, North Dakota with her husband and two daughters.

Amy Winter
A licensed psychotherapist (counselor), Amy was a graduate of the second graduating class of FFC. She subsequently completed her MA in Counseling from Southern Nazarene University. Her courses, Principles of Biblical Counseling and Child and Adolescent Development, allow students to gain a true picture of helping people heal by focusing on Christ as their guide and Lord.

Jennifer Winter
Jennifer received her BA Music Therapy from Colorado State University and her MA in Christian education at American Bible College and Seminary. After joining the FFCS staff as a junior high and high school teacher, she began teaching courses at FFCU as an extension of the training of laborers. She teaches Speech, Tests and Measurements, and Methods of Art and Music. On all levels, she is equipping the laborers who will carry on their calling in education.

Christy Woodward
Christy graduated from FFC in 1997 with a BA in Education. After marrying her husband, Terry, she went on to receive her MA in Education at Oral Roberts University. They moved to Japan for 7 years, working in Osaka and then starting Sano International School. God called them back to Oklahoma where Christy serves as the Assistant Administrator in Family of Faith Christian School. She teaches methods courses to education majors.



Robby Dragman
From Suriname, Robby has served as youth leader, evangelist, church planter, and pastor of churches both in the jungles of Suriname and in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname where he ministered to animists, Hindus, as well as Muslims. After studying at Hebron Missionary School, Robby came to FFCU to complete his BA in Church Ministry. He went on to work on his MA Ministry at Southwestern Christian University. Whether teaching on theology, religions, or missions, Robby brings great practical experience and impartation to his students.

Atoya McDonald
Teaching is definitely more than a profession to Atoya, who insists that students bring together the anointing of their teaching gift, the creativity of the Holy Spirit, and the intercessions for the students and the nations. She brings to the classroom her rich experience of teaching readers for 25 years in a Christian school, combined with her commitment to train laborers and to stay updated on the newest and best ways to teach readers. Her courses include Diagnostic Reading Instruction and Methods and Materials for Teaching Reading.

Jason Stasyszen
With a passion for releasing the Kingdom of God through music, worship has been foundational to Jason’s life in Christ. Through worship, he found a freedom that has changed him forever—and which he wants to help others find. Jason returned to Oklahoma after pastoring several years in Juneau, Alaska, to join the pastoral team at Family of Faith Ministries. He has recorded five albums and travels extensively to teach, preach, and lead worship.

Kathryn Wright
After graduating from FFCU, Katie immediately began putting her inspiration and creative teaching methods to good use as a teacher in Family of Faith Christian School. FFCU welcomed her in 2014 as she imparts to education students through educational methods courses. Katie is married and has two sons. She is completing her master’s degree in History Education through Liberty University.