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Educating, discipling, and training laborers for the kingdom of God.

Our Mission

FFCU equips students spiritually, academically, and practically to accomplish the Great Commission through effective service in churches, Christian schools, and businesses. FFCU exists to provide higher education and training in the unique environment of the New Testament pattern of church government.

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The bachelor degree programs of FFCU are designed to provide students a solid foundation in Bible and in practical ministry so they are equipped in a variety of church ministry careers. A ministry degree from FFCU may be a part of the destiny for which God has called you.

Global Awakening Theological Seminary

Our graduate programs educate leaders for the Church of Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on rightly dividing the Word of God and believing in the power of God to perform miracles, healings, signs, and wonders.

Welcome To The Family

A university is a collection of schools offering a variety of degrees. The element of “universe” is reflected in its comprehensive array of options for study. Traditional universities are a group of schools distinguished by subject matter. However, the FAMILY of colleges within FFCU are to be distinguished by the essence of the global apostolic network from which each one was birthed.

We Believe You Will Find A Family Within FFCU
A FAMILY that includes facultyA FAMILY that includes studentsA FAMILY that includes you
Welcome To The Family