Academic Calendar

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Fall Semester

Aug 1-15 New Student Registration
Aug 21 (Mon) All Student Orientation
Aug 21 (Mon) First day of class (On Campus Students)
Sep 1 (Fri) Last Day to Add/Drop
Sept 4 (Mon) Labor Day Break
Oct 19-20 (Thur-Fri) Fall Break (offices closed)
Nov 2-3 (Thur –Fri) ICLC Summit Conference
Nov 4 (Sat) FFCU 25th Anniversary Gala
Nov 23 – 24 (Thur-Fri) Thanksgiving Break
 Dec 6 – 8 (Mon – Fri)  Final Exam Week

Spring Semester

Jan 1-15 New Student Registration
Jan 16 (Tue) All Student Orientation
(On Campus Students meet for class)
Jan 17 (Wed) First day of class
Jan 30 (Wed) Last Day to Add/Drop
Mar 1 – Mar 2 (Thur – Fri) ICLC Summit Conference
Mar 14 – 18 (Mon – Fri) Spring Break
May 14 – 18 (Mon – Fri) Exam Week
May 18 (Fri) Graduation

Attendance is taken at all ICLC Leadership Conference sessions.

Classes must meet during Exam week.

Application Deadlines

Applications for Fall 2017 semester are due July 1, 2017.

Applications for Spring 2018 semester are due November 1, 2017.

International students are strongly advised to get their application forms in early!